Managed SMB Switches


  • HPE OfficeConnect 1620 Switch Series

    HPE OfficeConnect 1620 Switch Series

    Smart-Managed entry-level pure 10/100/1000 switches ideal for SMBs looking for basic features to enhance network performance and security, such as link aggregation and VLANs. plug-and-play out of the box, Including an intuitive Web GUI that provides ease of access to fine-tune switch operation. Read More

  • HPE OfficeConnect 1810 Switch Series

    HPE OfficeConnect 1810 Switch Series

    Smart-Managed entry-level fast ethernet switches for SMBs configurable via an intuitive web interface. Features include VLANs, loop protection, link aggregation trunking, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) and kensington lock Slot security. Range includes a compact 8-port PoE powered option for remote placement. Read More

  • HPE OfficeConnect 1820 Switch Series

    HPE OfficeConnect 1820 Switch Series

    Smart-Managed, fixed-configuration Gigabit ethernet layer 2 switches that are easy to administer. Plug-and-play plus easily fine-tuned network operation features available from a simple web browser-based GUI. Customizable features include VLANs, rapid spanning tree, IGMP snooping, link aggregation trunking and DSCP QoS policies. Includes the latest energy-saving capabilities; Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) and idle-port power down. Read More

  • HPE OfficeConnect 1910 Switch Series

    HPE OfficeConnect 1910 Switch Series

    Smart Managed fast ethernet switches ideal for SMBs needing advanced features. These include layer 3 static routing, ACLs, 802.1X, IGMP snooping, QoS, STP/RSTP/MSTP, VLANs, IPv6 management and routing, and link aggregation. Advanced web-based interface for advanced feature setup. Two PoE Models available for voice over IP implementations. Read More

  • HPE OfficeConnect 1920 Switch Series

    HPE OfficeConnect 1920 Switch Series

    Advanced smart-managed fixed-configuration Gigabit ethernet switches designed for small and midsize businesses in an easy-to-administer solution. Customizable features include basic layer 2 features like VLANs and link aggregation, as well as advanced features such as layer 3 static routing, IPv6, ACLs, and spanning tree protocols. Read More

  • HPE OfficeConnect 1950 Switch Series

    HPE OfficeConnect 1950 Switch Series

    Smart web-managed Gigabit ethernet switches with 10-Gigabit ethernet uplinks for SMB customers needing high-performance connections to servers and network Storage. Support true stacking, allowing up to four devices to be logically administered as a Single entity. Simplifies administration while supporting greater network redundancy. Support IPv4 and IPv6 operation with layer 2 switching as well as layer 3 static routing. Link aggregation to boost link performance, VLANs, ACLs, and IEEE 802.1X network login for enhanced security. Three versions of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) for added network resiliency. Read More

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