MR66 Outdoor Access Point

MR66 Outdoor Access Point

The Cisco Meraki MR66 is an enterprise class, dual-concurrent 802.11n cloud managed access point designed for high-density deployments in harsh outdoor locations and Industrial indoor environments. The MR66 features dual-concurrent, dual-band operation and advanced 802.11n technologies such as MIMO and beamforming, delivering the high capacity, throughput and reliable coverage required by the most demanding business applications, even in harsh environments.

MR66 Options
Product Code Product Description
MR66-HW Meraki MR66 Cloud-Managed Dual-Radio 802.11n Ruggedized Access Point More Request a Quote
MR66 Accessories
Product Code Product Description
POE-INJ-3-EU Meraki 802.3af Power over Ethernet Injector More Request a Quote
ANT-10 Meraki 5/7 dBi Omni Antenna, Dual-Band, N-Type, Set of 2 More Request a Quote
ANT-13 Meraki 11 dBi Sector Antenna, 2.4 GHz MIMO, N-Type More Request a Quote
ANT-11 Meraki 14 dBi Sector Antenna, 5 GHz MIMO, N-Type More Request a Quote
MR66 Licenses
Product Code Product Description
LIC-ENT-1YR Meraki MR Enterprise License, 1 Year More Request a Quote
LIC-ENT-3YR Meraki MR Enterprise License, 3 Years More Request a Quote
LIC-ENT-5YR Meraki MR Enterprise License, 5 Years More Request a Quote
LIC-ENT-7YR Meraki MR Enterprise License, 7 Years More Request a Quote
LIC-ENT-10YR Meraki MR Enterprise License, 10 Years More Request a Quote

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