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TFI is an alternative independent global sourcing and distribution company for Cisco, Cisco Meraki, HP Aruba and Fortinet networking equipment based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Formed in early 2002, TFI has been a leader in high-quality fully refurbished and new networking equipment for over 15 years.

TFI offer both new and fully refurbished Cisco and Cisco Meraki products including routers, switches, security appliances, wireless equipment and telephony products; new and refurbished HP Aruba networking equipment; new and refurbished Fortinet networking equipment and refurbished Juniper networking equipment. We are specialists in short-term rentals and SLA equipment.

The company is committed to the principles and objectives of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) in South Africa, and is a Level 2 contributor.

TFI’s philosophy is to supply quality products with the highest level of professionalism and innovation.

Nature of the Business

TFI is a specialised, alternative independent global sourcing and distribution company for high-end networking equipment – both new and fully refurbished.

It is a premier alternative source for refurbished Cisco, Cisco Meraki, HP Aruba, Fortinet and Juniper equipment. TFI offer the best quality networking equipment at the best prices in the shortest possible lead times.

TFI are committed to going the extra mile in order to save you time and money.

Benefits of dealing with TFI

These are only some of the many reasons why buying Cisco, HP Aruba or Juniper networking equipment from TFI is beneficial:

  1. BBBEE Status: TFI is a Level 2 Contributor with a 125% Procurement Recognition Level.
  2. Partnering: We partner with our clients to help them find more efficient and cost-effective ways of doing business.
  3. Proven track record: TFI has been a reputable distributor for new and fully refurbished networking equipment in South Africa since early 2002.
  4. Best lead-time and price: We source our products to give you the best possible lead-time at the best possible price.
  5. Extensive Cisco and industry knowledge and experience.
  6. Cisco equipment buy-backs.
  7. Cisco component-level repairs.
  8. Lower risk: TFI is accountable to the South African market, and offers same-as-new equipment and extended warranties on refurbished products.
  9. No hidden costs: Unreliable and unproven sources carry hidden costs, and the risk of outright loss.
  10. Specialists in short-term rentals, SLA equipment and LAB equipment.
  11. Equipment redeployment: We test, fully refurbish, clean and package with new cables and labels.
  12. Customisation: TFI can customise equipment specs according to client redeployment requirements.
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  • Refurbished
Cisco New

TFI recommends new Cisco equipment because it is the premier, global networking product. More

Cisco Refurbished

Save up to 90% off list price. TFI carries a full range of current model fully refurbished, end-of-sales(EOS) and end-of-life(EOL) Cisco routers, switches, firewalls . . . More

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