WLAN Controllers 8500 Series

WLAN Controllers 8500 Series

The Cisco 8540 wireless controller provides centralized control, management, and troubleshooting for high-scale deployments in service provider and large campus deployments. It offers flexibility to support multiple deployment modes in the same controller: for example, centralized mode for campus, Cisco FlexConnec mode for lean branches managed over the WAN, and mesh (bridge) mode for deployments where full ethernet cabling is unavailable.

8500 Series WLAN Controller
Product Code Product Description
AIR-CT8540-K9 Cisco 8540 Wireless Controller More Request a Quote
AIR-CT8540-1K-K9 Cisco 8540 Wireless Controller Supporting 1000 Access Points More Request a Quote
8500 Series Licence Options
Product Code Product Description
LIC-CT8540-UPG Cisco 8540 Wireless Controller upgrade SKU More Request a Quote
LIC-CT8540-1A Cisco 8540 Wireless Controller 1 access point adder license More Request a Quote
LIC-CT8540-DTLS-K9 Cisco 8540 Wireless Controller DTLS license More Request a Quote
8500 Series Spare Acc. and Rackmount Kits
Product Code Product Description
AIR-SD240G0KS2-EV Spare SSD for Cisco Wireless Controller 5520 and 8540 More Request a Quote
AIR-FAN-C240M4 Spare Fan - Cisco 8540 Wireless Controller More Request a Quote
UCSC-RAILB-M4 Rail Mounting Kit More Request a Quote

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