Refurbished Cisco Equipment

Save up to 90% off list price.

In addition to new Cisco products, TFI carries a full range of current model fully refurbished, end-of-sales (EOS) and end-of-life (EOL) Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, IP phones, transceivers and modules. All come with a warranty and provide the highest levels of delivery and availability.

For discontinued routers no longer supported by Cisco, TFI offers routers, technical solutions and products which can be integrated with your current system.

What is refurbished Cisco?

Not all refurbished equipment is equal. What is considered refurbished by some does not meet our standards for second-hand Cisco equipment. At TFI, all Cisco equipment undergoes a strict process, which involves testing, cleaning and re-packaging units before we send it to market as refurbished equipment.

All refurbished Cisco equipment that we sell is tested to be working, cleaned inside-out and comes with our standard 90-day warranty. This is the same warranty offered by Cisco on all their new routers. In addition to our standard 90-day warranty, we provide options to purchase extended warranties, should you wish for additional peace of mind.

Why buy refurbished Cisco from TFI?

The size of the global Cisco refurbished industry:

  • US$ 2+ billion earnings per year industry.
  • All products come with US military spec quality, which is a very high specification for equipment.
  • US government departments buy refurbished Cisco equipment.
  • The Cisco quoted MTBF (mean time before failure) is very high - an example is that a 2811 router has a 250 000 – 270 000 MTBF, which translates into 28 years’ use before failing.

Reasons why buying refurbished Cisco from TFI is a smart move:

  • Proven track record: TFI has been a reputable distributor for new and refurbished Cisco equipment in South Africa since 2002.
  • Lower risk: TFI is accountable to the South African market and offers ‘same-as-new’ and extended warranties on all products.
  • No hidden costs: Unlike other distributors, we carry no hidden costs.
  • Best lead-time and price: TFI sources products in order to give the best possible lead-time at the best price.
  • Quality: TFI guarantees the quality of all the products we supply.
  • Returns Policy: TFI has a returns policy for your added peace of mind.

The benefits of purchasing refurbished Cisco are:

  • All refurbished products are of the highest quality.
  • All products are robust and offer you scalable solutions
  • Each product comes with a full warranty with the option to extend..
  • Every product is like-new with the same features but for a substantially lower price.
  • All refurbished Cisco products are fully tested and refurbished.
  • The lower costs mean substantial savings which allow you to maximise your IT budget.

Looking to save on your overheads and need a quote on refurbished Cisco products? With Cisco Refurbished products you can enjoy up to 90% off the list price. Contact us today for a quote.


The question is not why should you buy used equipment but rather why not

In today’s economy and given the inherent longevity and reliability of high end tier 1 networking equipment, the question is not why buy pre-owned, but why not?


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Save up to 90% off list price. TFI carries a full range of current model fully refurbished, end-of-sales(EOS) and end-of-life(EOL) Cisco routers, switches, firewalls . . . More

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