Aruba Access Switches


  • Aruba 2530 Switch Series

    Aruba 2530 Switch Series

    Layer 2 fully managed switch that provides security, reliability, and ease of use for enterprise edge, branch office, and SMB deployments. Full layer 2 capabilities with optional PoE+, 10Gbe uplinks, quiet fanless models, energy efficient ethernet, enhanced access security, traffic prioritization, sFlow, and IPv6 host support. Read More

  • Aruba 2620 Switch Series

    Aruba 2620 Switch Series

    Cost-effective and flexible fast ethernet switch series with a robust basic layer 3 features set, supports static and RIP routing, PoE+, ACLs, sFlow, IPv6. No software licensing required. Read More

  • Aruba 2915 Switch Series

    Aruba 2915 Switch Series

    Compact and quiet 8-port fully managed basic layer 3 gigabit ethernet switch with PoE is ideal for deployment in open areas, offices and environments. It has a robust basic layer 3 feature set includes support for static and RIP routing, sFlow, ACLs, rate limiting, IPv6 and PoE. Read More

  • Aruba 2920 Switch Series

    Aruba 2920 Switch Series

    Modular basic layer 3 switch with stacking up to 4 units. It uses the HPE networking ASIC that delivers low latency, more packet buffering, and adaptive power consumption. Supports modular 10Gbe uplinks, static and RIP routing, PoE+, replaceable and upgradeable power supplies, ACLs, sFlow, and openflow supporting the latest SDN apps. Read More

  • Aruba 3500 yl Switch Series

    Aruba 3500 yl Switch Series

    Layer 3 switch with PoE+ delivers robust performance with ease of use for enterprise edge and branch office deployments. Low latency with increased packet buffering and two built-in 10Gbe ports plus an optional module for two additional 10Gbe ports. IPv4 BGP, policy based routing, and IPv4/IPv6 OSPF. Read More

  • Aruba 3800 Switch Series

    Aruba 3800 Switch Series

    Resilient layer 3 switch with high performance delivers low latency, increased packet buffering and adaptive power consumption for campus and branch deployments. built-in 10Gbe uplinks, PoE+, a robust layer 3 feature set with IPv6, IPv4 BGP, policy-based routing, and OSPF. Can be ring stacked with up to 10 switches and mesh stacking of up to five switches for resiliency like a chassis based switch. Read More

  • Aruba 3810 Switch Series

    Aruba 3810 Switch Series

    Modular 10Gbe and 40Gbe uplinks provide optimal rightsizing deployment and back haul capacity. Dual redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and innovative backplane stacking technology delivers resiliency and scalability in a standard 1U form factor. No software licensing required. Delivered with advanced layer 2 and 3 feature set with HPE smart rate, OSPF, IPv6, IPv4 BGP, robust QoS and policy-based routing. Read More

  • Aruba 5400 zl Switch Series

    Aruba 5400 zl Switch Series

    Designed for campus edge and SMB and branch office core deployments. They offer a modular design, flexible connectivity of 1Gbe, 10Gbe and PoE+ and have an advanced layer 2/3 feature set including IPv6, IPv4 BGP, policy-based routing, OSPF and robust QoS. Read More

  • Aruba 5400R zl2 Switch Series

    Aruba 5400R zl2 Switch Series

    Aruba modular chassis product line of advanced intelligent switches with resiliency and redundant management. 6-slot and 12-slot chassis available with associated modules and bundles. Features a purpose-built, programmable 6th generation Aruba OS ASIC that supports networking features such as Quality of Service (QoS), advanced SDN functionality, and MACsec ready hardware. HPE smart rate multi-gigabit, gigabit, 10 gigabit and 40 gigabit ethernet interfaces. Option of PoE+ and non-PoE, integrated layer 3 features and HPE allianceone solutions. Ease of deployment, operation and maintenance. The 5400R zl2 series offers excellent investment protection, flexibility and scalability. Read More

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